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The Devil and Miss Smy

The Devil and Miss Smy book cover

How can the evil accusation of a woman as a witch in 1647 unleash a series of events culminating in the unlawful death of an Ipswich magician’s assistant in 1913? When two of the most notorious 17th-century witchfinders, Matthew Hopkins and John Stearne, visit the remote Suffolk village of Kenton, their actions create a legacy that sees a man wrongly imprisoned for murder over 200 years later.

Killing Time in Kenton

Portrait soft-cover book 5.5x8.5_Killing Time in Kenton Book Cover

When a well-dressed man is found brutally murdered in a Suffolk village train station, the police move confidently to arrest his murderer, certain that they ‘have their man’. But a shrewd and fiercely independent local woman, Winifred Smy, isn’t convinced and – as further fatalities follow – pursues the trail of clues that leads her to the real killer.

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