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Genre: Murder Mystery Books

Was it Wilkie Collins who gave us the first Detective Novel with ‘The Moonstone’? There are those who argue that ‘The Three Apples’, beautifully told by Scheherazade in the book ‘One Thousand and One Nights’, has the best claim of all. Many centuries later, I still remain fascinated by any mystery story.

The Winifred Smy Series

Join Winifred Smy as she unravels mysterious murders in a small Suffolk village.

Portrait soft-cover book 5.5x8.5_Killing Time in Kenton Book Cover

Killing Time in Kenton

When a well-dressed man is found brutally murdered in a Suffolk village train station, the police move confidently to arrest his murderer, certain that they ‘have their man’. But a shrewd and fiercely independent local woman, Winifred Smy, isn’t convinced and – as further fatalities follow – pursues the trail of clues that leads her to the real killer.

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