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The Separating Sea

Publisher: CreateSpace

You wouldn’t want to know what goes through Hope Dunne’s mind.

Beneath the reserved, middle-aged exterior beats a black heart that resents her world and all within it. Outwardly, she struggles with a modern age she finds difficult to accept; privately, she seethes with resentment and bigotry.

Now living in a dreary London suburb, Hope recalls her sexually predatory uncle, ineffectual father and the countless small humiliations endured in her teenage years. But all are overshadowed by one event that none in her family can escape: the murder of her cerebral palsied brother, Stephen in 1965.

Can Hope’s unhappy life be redeemed? And if she does find love again, will the ghosts from her past rise to ruin that one last, sweet opportunity for redemption?

Michael Heath’s provocative novel skilfully takes the reader on a compelling journey that moves between the past and present, the sacred and profane.

The Separating Sea contemporary fiction novel book cover

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